Written by Rex on 29/04/2015 13:59:54

InCourse is a free tool for students and partially free to use for teachers and schools. InCourse knows two types of subscriptions: Free and the Administrative(bussiness)

Play or follow courses x x x
Join groups x x x
Create and manage courses x x x
Show and view course results x x x
Export results (.csv)   x x
Creating groups x x x
Manage groups (classrooms) x x x
Group with communities/fora   x x
Manage administrative groups     x
Manage teachers     x
Import students   x x
Link school or company login to InCourse     x
Create contentbundles 15mb 50mb 500mb
Use other's contentbundles (each game) 15mb 50mb 100mb
Whitelabeling     x
Read information out of InCourse
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