What is gamification

Written by Maaike on 16/08/2016 17:39:58

Do you like gaming and do you wonder why not everything can be a game? That you can play during your school day, at work or during a course you follow. Fighting monsters and earning new achievements instead of the daily flow of live? There would be an exciting challenge everywhere. That’s what we call gamification.

But how does that turn out in our ordinary life? When we use gamification, we add game elements to non-game environments, like offering challenges, getting rewards, making certain tasks fun to do and a proper gamification tool has always a purpose.
Gamification can be added on many levels, from a complete serious game to a small game part in a registration process.

Take a look at the LinkedIn profile; the completeness of your profile is measured by a progress bar. Your purpose is to get it a 100% and you can imagine that when the bar stays on 25% it is quite frustrating. You will start to investigate how you get it up and by adding information you will be rewarded with a rising bar.

Another gamification tool you often find is at webshops or communities where you will be rewarded for being an active member. Sometimes you receive special badges or you reach levels. Those achievements will motivate you to continue you behaviour while others will be encouraged to do the same and see value in your comments.

When you want to add gamification yourself, it is important to keep in mind the next few points:
- Make sure there is a challenge.
- Rewards! Everyone wants to earn/achieve something.
- Always be on the side of positivity.
- What’s the purpose of your gamification tool, without a purpose there is no use in use it.
- It should be fun to play.

Where would you like to add gamification?