Restyled and improved game engine for your serious games

Written by Maaike on 04/08/2016 18:06:33

We are happy to announce that our engine to develop your own courses is updated. For the last few weeks we have been busy with making it even easier and quicker for you to create serious game from your desk. The biggest improvement is the lay-out inside the editor, we removed the cramped workspace and gave it a serene colour. It is now less complex to transform your current courses into serious games.

But that is not everything, we also added a lot of new features to InCourse.

Suggested assets

The content bundles have been reformed and upgraded into themes. Besides images and sounds you are now also able to add your own texts in themes. Assets added to a theme can be linked to each other. This allows InCourse to give you hints about other assets that fit with the one you already used.

So how does this work? For example you added an image of a head but you want to choose different hair. Before, you needed to search the hair yourself. Now the editor will show you linked hairstyles that fit the head.

Complex formulas

A lot of the game magic happens with formulas. You already had a wide range of formulas operators and constant you could use. We enlarged the set of options even further. In this updated version you can use complex formulas with for example the constant Pi and math method Pow in it:

= (35*Pi + Pow (2,6)) – 35 * #MainPlayer$Health


Are you using formulas and selectors? Know you can use the $ data lookup to find and interact with data linked to entities. For example: =#Player$health accesses the linked data named health for the object player.

We simplified managing members in groups, themes, projects and games.

As of now you create a game by starting a project in the projects menu. The games you published are found in the games section. All games you can play (invited or public) are listed here.