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  • What is gamification

    Written by Maaike on 16/08/2016 17:39:58

    Do you like gaming and do you wonder why not everything can be a game? That you can play during your school day, at work or during a course you follow. Fighting monsters and earning new achievements instead of the daily flow of live? There would be an exciting challenge everywhere. That’s what we call gamification.

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  • Restyled and improved game engine for your serious games

    Written by Maaike on 04/08/2016 18:06:33

    We are happy to announce that our engine to develop your own courses is updated. For the last few weeks we have been busy with making it even easier and quicker for you to create serious game from your desk. The biggest improvement is the lay-out inside the editor, we removed the cramped workspace and gave it a serene colour. It is now less complex to transform your current courses into serious games.

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  • Starting with InCourse

    • Tutorial 06 Collide with ease

      Written by Maaike on 25/07/2016 14:09:36

      In our last tutorial Walking with bunny, we taught you how to make your character move by using keys. Today we are going to step it up a little by making our character jump and pulling some walls and floors up to collide with. 

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    • Tutorial 05 Walking with bunny

      Written by Maaike on 12/07/2016 12:42:44

      If you’re making a game, there is a big change that you want to be able to move your character around with keys from the keyboard. For example during a platformer game, where you can endlessly run/jump and where you need to avoid certain objects. But how do you that? In five simple steps, we’ll explain it to you.

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    • How to #9 Endless scene

      Written by Maaike on 27/06/2016 10:26:18

      How to 9 Endless scene

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    • Tutorial 03 Make some noice

      Written by Maaike on 30/05/2016 15:33:31

      Today we are going to add sound to our games. In the previous tutorial 02 making a simple game we made the beginnings of a game, in the end we were able to catch the squirrel and our score would rise. But the game is very quiet, so it’s time make the squirrel squeak when we click on it.

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    • How to #8 new game

      Written by Maaike on 28/05/2016 20:25:39

      How to #8 new game

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    • Tutorial 02 Making a simple game

      Written by Maaike on 13/05/2016 10:24:07

      So you have an idea to build a game, but where to start? In this tutorial we will show you how you can use InCourse without coding skills to let your game come alive. The game we will be making is to catch the squirrel.
      The tutorial is divided in three parts: 1) making the world; 2) adding a score and 3) taking the game to the next level.

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    • How to #7 Animations

      Written by Maaike on 22/03/2016 20:19:40

      How to - Coming soon

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    • How to #6 Testing your game

      Written by Maaike on 09/03/2016 10:09:33

      How to 6 testing your game

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